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Meet This Summers Interns!

Meet This Summers Interns!

Meet This Summers Interns!

Laryssa, Jen and Sammy

Meet this summers Farm interns! These three help with everything from watering, weeding, planting and processing and are instrumental in operating the farm! We asked them to tell us a a little about themselves, their passions, what they do beyond the farm, if any plants have stood out to them lately, and what is their favourite farm chore?


I am a young yoga teacher, aspiring herbalist and slightly wild soul, who enjoys the feeling of the Earth beneath her bare feet, full-body laughter, eating raw honey, the smell of old books and the connection from riding a horse. I decided to work at Rebel Roots to further her knowledge and experience of working with plants, some of which she was not familiar with. A plant I have become more acquainted with since starting at the herb farm is Yarrow, which I have come to love. Outside of Rebel Roots, I have my hands in the family’s garden, growing herbs, vegetables and medicinal flowers, as well as studying my passions, drinking tea and practicing yoga. My favourite farm ‘chore’ would have to be providing nourishment to the species my family co-exists with at Myrrkwood Haven, both animal and plant.

Yarrow flowering


As a university student, equine barefoot trimming apprentice and farm intern I am so grateful to have the opportunity to dedicate so much of my energy at this point in my life to learning. I stumbled upon Rebel Roots Herb Farm in the search of a a place where I could explore as much as I could about plants and nature as a whole. I am so excited to get to know all the new plants that I am being introduced to at Rebel Roots! One particular plant that has stood out for me is Marshmallow, my first introduction to it being chopping it’s dense and mucilaginous roots for an entire day! My favourite farm chore is planting, or depending on my mood, weed-wacking!   

Marshmallow Roots before being cut into smaller pieces to dry


I am a nature nerd, who has spent all my life in the city, it’s only been in past 4 years that I have begun to get more connected to nature in the city, especially plants! Through groups like Wild Foragers Society and work with some awesome non-profits like LEAF I have learned lots about plants, and am so grateful for the opportunity to dive deeper into learning about herbs, and spending time outside the busy city. I was inspired to work at Rebel Roots after volunteering at the Heartwood Gathering, and after beginning to use medicinal herbs for my own health issues. Lately I have been intrigued by Milk Thistle, who’s name I spotted at the health food store, but had never seen growing until now! I am excited to track them through the season. My favourite farm chore is planting, it’s so exciting to introduce a little seedling to their new home beyond the confines of a plastic pot!

Milk Thistle ready to be planted

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