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A New Season Dawns

A New Season Dawns

A New Season Dawns

This is the time of year when I feel like I’m in 2 different places at once. On one hand I am relishing the Winter- everything is still, quiet and coated with sparkly snow. There is no rush.  Darkness comes early and all you can do then is read a book, eat, cuddle under a cozy blanket.

On the other hand I am dreaming about the Spring. I am in my planning mode now. Pouring over seed catalogs, garden maps, business plans, etc. I feel like I just can’t wait to hear that first Red Winged Black bird, the first drip of Maple sap in the tin bucket. But I can wait! And I will. This time is so important to the success of a farm like mine.

Without this introspective, restful, creative and reflective time of year I am certain to burn out. There needs to be balance in everything. Fortunately for farmers like me nature is the balance.

The 2018 Season is a new start in so many ways!  Our little farm is growing! Our generous neighbours have agreed to rent us some prime land located right across our humble dirt road. We bought a small tractor!

You will be seeing more from Rebel Roots this season as we will be increasing the variety and quantity of herbs we sell. As a result of increased land and efficiency we will also be lowering our prices. This will bring us in line with our vision to be an accessible and affordable choice when you need premium organic herbs and tinctures straight off the farm.

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