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About Us

At Rebel Roots Herb Farm we believe that good medicine is more than the end product. It’s the process, the intention and the hope that goes into it. Every step of the way we’re committed to honoring the plants and celebrating their gifts.”

Who We Are

Rebel Roots Herb Farm is where Bobbi, Alexis, and their 2 children Violet and River Burnett call home.

Before Bobbi met Alexis she ran a successful market garden, growing and selling organic veggies and bringing them to farmers’ markets. Over the years, as her love of plants grew, so too did her knowledge and use of medicinal herbs. The amount of time and garden space dedicated to growing, harvesting and utilizing medicinal herbs grew alongside.

Bobbi met Alexis (a talented and passionate herbalist) in 2009. Alexis began using the medicinal herbs from the gardens in his programs and workshops run through his outdoor school Earth Tracks. The herbs resulted in high potency medicines and quality products. The hook was set and the shift was made from veggies to herbs. A great partnership grew and blossomed.

Alexis & Violet

What We Do

We combine our skills as gardeners and herbalists to produce high quality, organic medicinal herbs and herbal products.

All work is done on the farm—from the planting of seeds in the greenhouse to the drying, packaging and processing of our herbs. We like to work in small batches, ensuring our products have a high level of quality and care attached to them.

We use our own hands and hearts to tend our gardens, harvest the herbs and make wonderful dried herbs, extracts and infused oils. We also sell live plants in the Spring and early summer by order, and at farmers’ markets.

The farm is also home to Earth Tracks Outdoor School where people come and strengthen their connection to nature and community through various workshops and long term training programs.

Why We Do It

We believe in good medicine, whatever that means for you. For us it means working with plants, being outside, touching the soil, feeling the sun and tending to gardens full of lovely herbs and buzzing bees. We just wouldn’t have it any other way.

Simply put—we love being around plants! We also believe there is a marked difference between herbs grown locally, organically and with respect, and those which are not. It’s easy to see the difference and even more evident when you drink a tea or take an extract made with our herbs.

Where We Do It

Rebel Roots Herb Farm is nestled in beautiful Grey County, Ontario. Being a small farm we utilize a variety of garden spaces on the property each with unique conditions that we take advantage of to provide ideal conditions for our herbs.

We also rent land on 2 neighbouring farms where organic practices are used. This allows us to grow the volume of herbs needed and it adds to the biodiversity in these other locations.

The farm is also home to Earth Tracks Outdoor School. Earth Tracks provides experiential education for people seeking a deeper connection with the natural world.

Specializing in Workshops and long term Apprenticeships in Plants and Wildlife, Earth Tracks also runs Wilderness Canoe Trips, conducts plant walks and speaking engagements, and sponsors and co-organizes the annual Heartwood Gathering.