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Education & Events

There’s nothing like experiencing the magic of plants through getting up and close and actually working with them. It’s fun, rewarding, empowering and truly transformative.

Rebel Roots Herb Farm is also the home of Earth Tracks Outdoor School. You’ll easily find a workshop, long-term training program or wilderness canoe trip that will strengthen your relationship with the plant world and yourself.

We sponsor and co-organize the Heartwood Gathering. This annual gathering is a weekend-long celebration of plants. Days are filled with hands on workshops and lectures about everything to do with plants. From basket-making to practicing clinical herbalism and everything in between, there’s so much to enjoy at this gathering.

2018 Events in Ontario

Heartwood Gathering – August 10-12, 2018  – Ganaraska Forest Center

The 4th Annual Heartwood Gathering will be the best one yet! Located on 4,450 hectares of mixed forest, the Ganaraska Forest Center will be home for a weekend of blissful plant lovin’. Hands-on workshops, lectures, and walks on a wide assortment of plants-related topics, from clinical herbalism to basket making, from organic gardening to herb ID. There’s really something for everyone who simply loves plants. Tickets are on sale now!  heartwoodgathering.ca

Wild Plants Apprenticeship – Spring to Fall 2018

This program is all about learning ways to bring plants into your everyday life.  By joining us in this experience you will learn how to properly identify plants, as well as how to ethically harvest, prepare and eat, and preserve them. You will also learn about how to make medicine and crafts (such baskets, glue, cordage, art, etc.) and how to become a steward of the land—and much more.  Many of the plants that we use can be found around your homes no matter where you live.  By joining this program, you will be entering into a community of people who are dedicated to learning from both a scientific and intuitive way of working with plants.

Starting in the Spring, our group of 10-12 students meet one weekend a month for 8 months, spanning 3 seasons and a variety of ecosystems with a different ‘theme’ each weekend.

For more information on the program visit the Earth Tracks website apprenticeship page

Internship 2016

The internship was an incredible opportunity to build my skills through hands-on learning, mentorship and workshops. Interning with both Rebel Roots Herb Farm and Earth Tracks Outdoor school allowed me to work on a variety of projects and helped me to figure out where my passion lay and what I want to do in the future.

Bobbi and Alexis are both skilled mentors who supported me in exploring my interests and building my skills. The summer was busy and full of hard work, with lots of laughs, time alone and the opportunity to take leadership in areas that interested me. Tending to the herb farm every day as the plants grew from seed to harvest increased my understanding of how medical plants grow, what running a herbal medicine farm involves and deepened my relationship with the plants.

Rebel Roots Herb Farm and Earth Tracks Outdoor school are both committed to ecological growing and sustainability, all of their work is rooted in connection and deep respect for the natural world. I learned how to be a better steward and naturalist. I loved spending the summer living in such a beautiful place where I enjoyed swimming every day, reading under massive walnut trees, having campfires and stargazing.

– 2016 Intern

Herb Farm/Outdoor School Internship – Spring & Summer 2018

A beautiful partnership of an outdoor school and a medicinal herb farm awaits the right 2 people to join us this summer as we continue to do the good work of connecting people to nature and growing medicinal herbs.

We are looking to have 2 interns to help with all aspects of life and work on our small farm and outdoor school located in Beautiful Grey County, Ontario. You will join us in spring and move on site full time in early June, staying until the end of September.

In exchange you will secure a spot in our popular Wild Plants Apprenticeship Program as well as all other workshops, community days and canoe trips that are run during the summer months. Please check out www.earthtracks.ca for more information on what the Wild Plants Apprenticeship entails as well as more information about the Outdoor School.

Private accommodations will be provided as well as basic food staples, eggs and veggies from the gardens.

You will be working 6 days a week 8-5 with a one hour lunch break. Your day off is in addition to days spent in programs and workshops (ie. Some weeks you will be ‘working’ only 4 days). Interns are expected to be in a supportive role during programs/workshops/trips.

During your time with us you will gain experience:

  • Prepping garden beds, planting herbs and veggies
  • Growing, drying and marketing medicinal and culinary herbs
  • Making herbal tinctures, salves, syrups and other products
  • Growing and preserving berries, apples and vegetables
  • Working in a greenhouse
  • Caring for chickens (both layers and broilers)
  • Creating and maintaining space during programs, workshops, community days and other events
  • Outfitting canoe trips, backcountry canoeing and camp set up
  • Producing marketing material (video, photos, etc)
  • Maintaining the farm property

This Internship might be perfect for you if you:

  • Have a desire to deepen your understanding of the natural world and your place in it
  • Are motivated by a sense of fulfillment that comes from a job well done.
  • Strive to make jobs efficient
  • Consider yourself independent and self-sufficient
  • Are flexible and adaptable
  • Can see the value of this exchange

If interested in committing to this internship please send a letter of intent to info@rebelrootsherbfarm.ca by March 31st, 2018.

'Marketing, Media and IT Expert' Summer Job Position

Job Summary:

Rebel Roots Herb Farm and Earth Tracks Outdoor School are 2 businesses operating on one homestead near the town of Durham, Grey County, Ontario

We are looking for an individual to assist with all things digital in this digital age of ours. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to flex their marketing and digital media muscles by helping us turn our ideas, projects and goals into a reality.

As our Digital Marketing and Media expert you will enjoy working on our farm this summer, with ample opportunity to meet new folks, swim in the pond and be amongst the butterflies and bees in the flower gardens. You will get to know us, the work we do and how we do it, and assist us in translating it all into a digital form.

Accommodation may be available on site (room and board costs will be deducted from pay)


– Create content for social media (Instagram, Facebook)
– Take photographs of people, events and products for e-commerce, edit and organize photos
– Filming of lessons, workshops, farm work and social events, using a Go Pro Camera, editing footage, assistance with the creation of e-courses and webinar material.
– Update websites on a regular basis
– Create posters, graphics and other documents
– Streamline E-commerce platform and increase visibility, reach and customer retention using Search Engine Optimization, customized follow-up emails, etc.
– Schedule, design and execute newsletter campaigns using Mailchimp
– Research and implement strategies to grow our audience, focus our efforts and streamline our administrative tasks

– Artistic and technical photography and filming skills
– Proven Photo and Film editing abilities
– Graphic Design ability
– Website Design using WordPress
– Strong written and verbal communication skills

Apply Now:
Send a letter of intent and résumé to info@rebelrootsherbfarm.ca